House Concert Tour

I love playing house concerts; Playing a gig in some ones living room, for a cozy gathering of folk who are on sofa’s and chairs and cushions, snuggled up together can be a very intimate, homely, experience of community. We ( Jimmy Davis, and I, along with the possibility of many other wonderful artists we know) are looking to take the ‘Give it All Tour’ to living rooms more this year.

Would you like to be involved? Would you like to host a house concert? Basically, we just want to play in front of a room of people who want to listen to what we have to Offer. For efficiency we would need there to be at least 30 heads there. But even an average living room can often be ordered to squeeze that many folk in to with cushions, bean bags, blankets and pillows. We are offering this as a gift economy gig. Audience members pay what the gig is worth to them.

These gigs are totally acoustic with no amplification needed, this does mean that they are listening events, where the audience is silent during the music 🙂

We’d love it if a bed and hot meal could be provided too 🙂

If you would like to get involved please e-mail my manager Simon (

I’ve played many house concerts and they tend to be respectful, listening, gentle affairs. It’s not like opening your home to a random ‘everyone welcome’ house party. It has a quieter feel than that. We really look forward to this, we think it’ll be amazing to play this kind of tour and can’t wait to meet you all!

Thank you!


Give It All Tour – pt 2

Give It All Tour Poster

Hello All!

I’m very glad to say that the unstoppable Jimmy Davis, and my self, will be embarking on the next leg of our ‘Give It All’ tour in March. Shining us much as we can, with our pals on various instruments, in Various English and Scottish Towns and Cities (Sorry Wales, Ireland, and the rest of the world, but please tell your venues they need to book us!) Both acts will be playing a full set each. Ticket links are on the Tour page. We’ll be sharing material from both of our new albums. Asking questions, engaging the crowd, and rocking with full bands on some nights, whilst playing stripped back acoustic sets on others. We’re inviting local artists down to collaborate with us, so there should be some exciting fusion at work. We canny wait! Please tell your friends, bring them down, bring your musical instrument with you in case we can get a session going, this is a lot of bang for your buck! Luke