Connecting weekly on Zoom


I’ve been hosting a weekly zoom call where all are welcome to gather, slow down, and listen to ourselves, each other, and what is coming up. I share a song, some prompts, we break out and listen to each other. This is a chance to fill our cups… I host these each Tuesday at 3pm EST 8pm UK time in this zoom room:

These calls are deeply influenced by my friends at Wholeheart, who are hosting weekly calls, details in the link below. I find they give me just the grounding and sustenance I need and I highly recommend them 🙂



Voices In The Dark Podcast

In 2017 I was lucky enough to sit down with two of my main influences; the soulful Troubadour Rory Mcleod, and writer/spiritual activist; Alastair Mcintosh. The conversation happened within a few months of both the Brexit referendum, and the election of Donald Trump. We had a conversation about how to respond to living in dark times, and how music, poetry, activism, and spirituality have sustained these men’s lives and work. This was recorded as a pilot for a podcast, health issues interrupted the process and so this is being released now. I hope it nourishes. My apologies for only getting it to the world now!