Booking UK, Ireland, (Maybe EU) house concert gigs through June, July, and August 2018

Hello Friends

I’m excited to say that my agent Jimmy and I are putting together a venue and house concert tour of the UK, Ireland, and maybe other European places, from Mid June through into mid August. I’ve got a lot of new songs I want to share, and Godess willing, a new album by then too. Would you be interested in hosting a (totally acoustic, no amplification) house concert for your community? I’m wanting to play great events 🙂 From the heart, well organised events put together by people who love music and want to share a beautiful evening of it in a full house of friends and family in their/a friends home. See here for a video we made showing what house concerts can be like.

If you:

– Are enthusiastic about hosting a beautiful evening of live music in your home for your community.
– Have a space (Living room, or such like) that could fit ideally 50 people, and a minimum of 25.
– Could commit to helping us making it a rich night for all by inviting plenty of people, making it a well enough organised night, and making it clear that it’s a listening concert, not a house party with background music.

Then you are ideal!

Basically you invite your people, make your living room acoustic concert ready (lots of pillows and blankets, or chairs, or what ever) I come and play a concert for you (Yes JCB song and some other old favourites too!) at the end we pass the basket round and invite people to gift to keep the show on the road. If you can give me a bed and a hot meal then great!

If interested please e-mail my agent Jimmy Davis: and lets get rolling. Even if your just part interested, give us a try! Or you can get in touch by filling out the form on this page here.

Availability: I’m available from mid June through to the end of July for UK shows. Scheduling Irish dates from the 30th July to the 12th August.



6 thoughts on “Booking UK, Ireland, (Maybe EU) house concert gigs through June, July, and August 2018

  1. We are totally up for hosting Luke for a gig at our house
    We have loads of connections musically and from a soul perspective!! However, more importantly it’s a great experience all round for us as a family
    Would love to hear from you and we have space and tents to host sleeping accommodation.

  2. I have two rooms downstairs that are small but could hold 25, but I do have a big garden and could put up a marquee as my roofed pergola for weather protection…im happy to send pics/measurements so you would know what spaces I have. It would be an honour to create a fantastic night of music, food and company and of course there would be a meal and bed

  3. Hey Luke, buzzing to hear that ur on the road this year and would love to have you over for an awesome house concert. I have a spare room and I’m a good cook so you would be welcome to stay for as long as you like. I’m in Levenshulme in Manchester. I’ll speak to the neighbours who may be keen to take down the fence panels between our gardens to maximise space and weather providing we can have a bbq/concert. Feel free to give me a shout to ask any questions on 07843433870

  4. Please come and play at my house Luke! I am an experienced House Concert host. I have had Francis Dunnery play here 3 times. I have an attentive listening and friendly group of friends who I know would enjoy you. Hope to hear from you or Jimmy soon. Thank you. Take care, David

  5. Hi Luke, hope your well!
    I’m a 16 year old singer-songwriter and have been a huge fan of your for years now, and I would love you to come and play in my living room! I know it would be a great evening, and I could get at least 25 people to come and listen, it would also be organised and handled like an event should be. And if it would be okay I could do a couple of numbers with you too!
    I really hope you will be able to come and have a chilled out night of great music!
    We also have spare rooms, and you’d be welcome to stay!
    All the best,

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