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Are you, or someone you know, a songwriter needing support and clarity to realise your gifts and vision? I’m happy to say that I have started coaching song writers via Skype, here are testimonials from clients who have completed 6 months of work together:

Susie Q, Lahinch, Ireland, Singer-songwriter.

‘Luke Concannon is a fantastic mentor and coach for anyone looking to evolve and progress their musical talent in an authentic, highly attuned, and practical way. His vast experience in the music industry along with his deeper wisdom and passion is worth its weight in gold.’

Mick Dimitri, London UK, Singer-songwriter.

‘Luke is the best teacher I’ve ever had. His patience, wisdom and generosity have helped me to grow both as an artist and as a person. After 12 sessions I feel that a lot of my accomplishments are also his, given how much support he’s given me.

I believe everybody should aspire to be a little more like Luke, and it goes without saying that I highly recommend his coaching sessions to anybody who wants to broaden their vision of life and art. I look forward to continue my journey with him per aspera ad astra!’

Emily Nicole, Western MA. Singer-songwriter, Dancer, film maker.

‘I took Luke’s songwriting workshop and loved it. Then I thought the best decision was to continue working with Luke. Luke’s experience and wealth of knowledge in the music industry is inspiring, which makes him an exceptional music coach. He is a pleasure to work with and has a good positive attitude. Luke also offers great songwriting tips and I feel that my latest songs are enhanced with his suggestions. He doesn’t write songs for you. He lets you be the voice of your own songs and he provides guidance. I would highly recommend Luke as a coach for singer songwriters at any level of experience, who want to take their songwriting to the next level. You will be in for a treat.’

Carmen Alphenaar, Singer-songwriter, Holland.

‘I really loved being coached by Luke. Luke really made an effort to understand me as a person, which lead to very helpful and meaningful sessions. Not only did he really help me develop my musical abilities and clarify my vision about the future, but he also helped me be kinder to myself. I would really recommend Luke as a coach to anyone who is looking for a very kind and open minded person to help them learn and grow, musically and personally.’

Leila Simon Hayes, Boston MA.

‘Working with Luke helped me clarify my goals, respect my work in all of my varied interests, and be kinder to myself as an artist. I have been delighted by all the unexpected gifts that have come to me from doing this work. I have a newfound clarity and self-respect which has made room for greater ease in my creative work. I would highly recommend Luke as a creative coach!’

Leila Simon Hayes
Graphic Designer, Artist, Songwriter, Drummer

If interested in getting coached, get in touch by clicking here.

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