I have a new single out!


My new single, “Join The Liberation” is now available to download or stream on iTunes here. Happily Janice Long played it on BBC Wales recently. I’d love it if you were willing to ask DJ’s to play it please!

The times we live in call us to reach deeper and further, to overcome the horrors we are seeing we need to be saying what we feel, what we yearn for, and connecting to other folk who feel the same. That’s how movements are built, and the way we grow the world that we want to see, this song is a call to ‘Join The Liberation’, which is both an inward and an outward movement. What are you feeling, what are you seeing?

The track is out now. Please spread the word if you will. L

One thought on “I have a new single out!

  1. Omg, I recently discovered your music and it has blown me away. I just love the sound. I was introduced to an old song of yours, the JCB song, loved it. Reminded me of hanging out with my Dad as a child and I’ll be honest I found it quite moving. You Sir are awesome sauce. Just listening to you albums on Amazon and I am enthralled. Thankyou so much for sharing your gift with the world.

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