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Dear Friends

Hello from Birmingham! It’s been a long and lovely Winter. I needed some quiet time, and I’ve gotten it. I started the New Year in a little Buddhist retreat, out on the Beara peninsula of West Cork in Ireland. A heavenly way to begin the year in silent wakeful happiness ☺ I had some quality time with family there, and since have been working away in Birmingham on all the things I can’t do when touring; accounts, practicing, reflecting and planning, writing, seeing friends and music and my Nan! I’m loving it and thinking of retiring! ☺ Not really… There is so much music to make and share and people to meet and collaborate with and dance with!

I’ll tell you about what I’m doing musically: I’m getting in as much song writing as I can this next month, and then heading out on a house concert tour through April. House concerts can be magical due to the primal act of people gathering, sharing food, listening to acoustic music, and singing. Simplicity is a wonderful thing, and I am really looking forward to these concerts. If you’re interested in knowing more, or booking one, holler at Jimmy my agent, and a wonderful man.

I’m then hitting up the venues on the poster above throughout May and June all of which are listed with links to venue details here on my web site. I’m playing The London, Banbury, Cheriton Bishop (Devon) and Festival shows with a band, other shows will be solo. I like this solo challenge; the more intimate a gig is by being stripped down like this, the more I need to connect and invite engagement from the audience. Fun ☺.

I’m needing help please! Would you be willing to forward this mail to any friends (including the attachment which is the poster image) who might enjoy a night of this kind of music, and recommend it to them? Sharing my social media posts helps people hear about my music too. Nothing helps like word of mouth though, and, although it will be special to play solo shows, the London shows with the band will be intense, joyful and energetic if history is anything to go by!

I’m playing some Summer festivals, which are listed above too, and then preparing to emigrate to America in October! WHAT!? Yes, I’m in love with a very special person and, I need to follow this so, the big ocean beckons and I’m bound for Boston! It’s been a long decision to make: I love England and Ireland and this part of the world. It’s home and I love so many people here and, I’ve made my whole career here. I’m hopeful but realistic about how much work it will take to build a new career in America, and build a new life. Yet ‘Love is Lord of all’ as the old song goes and, I’m following. It’s my intention to be back here for a month a year or so, or maybe more. All to be figured out, but I want to keep playing gigs here in Britian, Ireland and Europe! So, do you know of any American venues I should play? ☺ Wish me luck, and thanks so much for supporting my music.

X Luke

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