Wake Up

I was invited by an acquaintance to write a song responding to this moment of pandemic and quarantine, here’s what came up:

Wake Up Lyrics:

I have another love

That makes me feel higher

Written in my blood

‘Burn like a pyre’

You are in the clouds

keeping me inspired

There is a world

Waiting in our desires

What are we gonna give baby?

How are we gonna live baby?

Wake up!

What shall we sing today?

When we gonna kneel and pray?

Wake up!

When are we gonna spread the news?

When are we gonna stop the blues?

When we gonna reach the sky?

When we gonna stop the lies?

When we gonna start to rise?

And thrive and thrive!?

The world order is a world of disorder

Where the poor are left to drown at our borders

We build fortress afraid of the forces

Of love and empathy that could cut through the horse shit

There are radical seeds in our needs and when we fit

Giving my self to community spirit

You can’t shelter in place in a shack in Mumbai

either we all get free or all of us die


15 thoughts on “Wake Up

  1. Wonderful stuff man. I remember seeing you at the London Irish. Centre a couple of christmases ago and you said something along the lines of ‘there is no emergence without an emergency’ (you’d have to remind me of the exact phrasing). I’ve been thinking about that during the recent period and the optimist in me hopes that a positive, global response emerges from this. Stay safe and stay happy, man.

    • Thank you. I appreciate this response very much! I’m going to start having a live stream/conversation once a week, and exploring this question of what we hope for, and how to get there, will be the main thread 🙂 How can I invite you? XO

  2. Glad to know you are still singing for us in this sad mad bad world. I’m in total lock down by virtue of being elderly and vulnerable !! Now entering my fourth week of not leaving the house or garden and how lucky I am to have a garden so I can get exercise in this lovely sunny weather.
    Stay safe and stay well
    XX Janet

    • Janet

      you are a total Heroine and we love you. Just because your you, and inimitable. And are so grateful for all your incredible leadership. Have you got all you need? If you want anything; I know some folk in your neighbourhood 🙂 holler at me on lukeconc@gmail.com

  3. Wow it’s a beautiful thing, you’re a beautiful thing.
    Skype Jim, get him to put a cajon under it, some keys behind it mash the lyric with you. Do a shared stream thing together – I don’t know what they’re called I’m too decrepit for all that – and send it out there we all need to ‘live’ and to ‘love everybody’ now and after all of this, especially the ‘trees’ :)>

    • Bless You man! I’ve thought of this!
      Would be fierce to get himself rapping on this 🙂 I’ll ask him!


  4. Oh and be safe Luke and everyone around you – i want too be wrong but I worry it’s going to get a bit crazy in the states before the end of it. When is panic buying a gun an affirmative response : it sure doesn’t say I love everybody.

    • Aye! Worse than all that bog roll! Well. I learned how to dodge bullets watching Wonder Woman in the 80’s… So… All good! Thankyou! Xo

  5. Gorgeous – makes my heart grow with the belief that we’re gonna find a way to be more together after this crazy pandemic… keep the music coming –we need it to get us through this… thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Love it well done Luke. Saw you in Totnes, Devon and your songs never disappoint even when we threw in our own song for the evening. Keep up the good work of making the world smile!

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