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Thank you very much for visiting! This is the online home of my Music, coaching, community, education, and activist work. I’m a singer-songwriter, from Warwickshire England, now based in Boston Massachusetts, with a passion for song writing and revolution (like Caterpillars are enthusiastic about becoming Butterflies). My play as a singer-songwriter takes up the main part of my time, I also coach people who want to realise their song writing gifts and vision, I host song-writing workshops, do youth music workshops and write poems and blogs. Below is a video introduction to my music. Please click ‘Sign the Mailing List’ (Left hand side of screen) and we’ll keep you updated about news, gigs, releases, workshops etc.

Please do get in touch via the contacts page if you need to, and please do help me spread the word about this music and work, by sharing videos and tweets etc. We need all the support we can get! I am available for some song commissions, private gigs, benefit gigs, and some gigs in prisons, or, try me! 🙂

For Enquiries and bookings you will find contact details here.

Go well friends!


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