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  1. Hi luke. A friend posted on Facebook recently about how the JCB’s song always brought a tear to his sons eye. Well I have played it about 15 times tonight and need a bigger ha kid ! I didn’t know who you were but am learning fast & loving the music. Like you I’m Irish descent and was wondering are your family originally from Galway and moved to Cork ? We have Colcannons as from a few generations back in Cork on my fathers side – I don’t need a reason to listen but if there is a cousin out there it would be a treat.
    I’d like to say thank you
    Michael Griffin

  2. Michael! Apologies for the years of delay! 🙂 Yeah, Concannon is a Galway name, my ancestors on that side had made it to Rosscommon before they headed to Warwickshire England! Happy your digging it! Did ya see that I have released an EP and a new Single the last months? See the home page for the posts about that 🙂 Bess man. Slan L

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